Treats for all occassions

      I can't think of a reason not to treat yourself on a daily basis. Its Monday; a perfect reason for a treat. Managed to clean one whole room today; a perfect reason to treat yourself for a job well done! Laundry day... well, I won't push it that far! 


     All our treats are handcrafted, so you know they were all lovingly created for you to enjoy, not by factory machines. So order yours today and within days you'll be cozying up with our treats! 

Liquid Sin Collection

"What can I say, chocolate is a

girl's best friend."


Dark Chocolate

Sea Salted Caramels

If I could describe Heaven then these would surely get you there. Smooth dark chocolate encompassing rich, chewy vanilla caramel with a hint of sea salt on top.


Vanilla Truffles

I have always been a huge fan of Ghirardelli chocolate. The smooth creamy texture when it melts in my mouth and throat. The smoky flavor in the dark chocolate, the tingle left behind in their bittersweet chocolate. And one of my all time favorites; white chocolate. 

I love using Ghirardelli chocolates to create my handcrafted chocolates, and wouldn't change it for anything. 



Scandilicious Treats

Kelly Scandizzo, owner of Scandilicious Treats, has been a baker of everything from cakes to chocolates for over 20 years. She hand makes everything, including fine detailing of her chocolates. 

She was encouraged by many of her friends and family to take her talent to the public, and make people smile with her treats.  From cookies and breads to handcrafted chocolates. 

"Baking has always been a favorite pasttime for me, and I love seeing how my confections make people happy."

- Kelly Scandizzo

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